Brand Strategy

Captivate your consumer.

Behind every brand you love is a brand strategy built to make you love it.

Great brands appeal to consumers both intellectually and emotionally. To do so requires a blend of insightful strategy and bold creativity—to know what your audience wants and then give them more than they could ever imagine.

From packaging to websites, from advertising to social media, all of our creative work is rooted in brand strategy that turns consumers into fans, and fans into advocates.

  • Law of Attraction

    Moxie Sozo’s innovative brand strategies grow brand awareness, drive sales, and increase conversion rates.

  • Intelligence Behind Creativity

    Good creative will grab a consumer’s attention, but strategy can turn making an impression into a sale.

    Through robust brand, category, and consumer analysis, we identify gaps in the market and opportunities for success. Then we develop strategies to capitalize on them. The goal is to capture a company’s essence in a way that stimulates the intellect and stirs the soul of your target consumer.

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    Solutions Over Services

    Moxie Sozo’s brand strategy services result in pragmatic business solutions to challenges ranging from launching a new brand, repositioning an existing brand in a crowded market, audience segmentation, or organizing a portfolio of brands or products. We develop relevant, tangible, data-driven solutions through:

    • Brand Positioning
    • Brand Architecture
    • Brand Attributes
    • Brand Voice & Tone
    • Competitive Audits
    • Market Research
    • Brand Naming
    • Product Naming
    • Content Strategy
    • Logo Development
    • Tagline Development
    • Launch Strategy