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This Beer’s Wicked Good: Inside Moxie Sozo's Design for Samuel Adams’ Line of Wicked Beers

In this article, we highlight the flexibility that Moxie Sozo is able to embody...

— 3D Design

Stefan Bucher: Retooling his skillset

Stefan Bucher has never shied away from a challenge. In fact, the guy relishes...

— Brand Strategy & Positioning

Jeff Kleinsmith: The new wave of music design

In the last three decades we’ve witnessed the demise of cassette tapes, the rise...

— Brand Strategy & Positioning

Michael Ian Kaye: How Design and Advertising Inform Eachother

You may be wondering what the hell this title means. It’s obvious that design...

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Tosh Hall: Stop Redesigning Brands Every Few Years!

Tosh Hall has a problem with companies that try to redefine themselves every three...

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2017 World OutGames

This 10-day event boasts more than 450 events across three areas: sports, culture, and...

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Jennifer Kinon, Design Director Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign: What happens when the campaign is over?

Despite the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton had the most memorable...

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Exhibition 1

EXHIBITION 1 seeks to examine how architecture and its geometries enters an artist’s consciousness, their vocabularies,...