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Positive Kindness Joy
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12 brands marketing positivity, kindness and joy

In this article, New Hope highlights 12 brands sparking good-- including our partners at...

Aura Bora cans designed by Moxie Sozo
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12 Natural Products Branding Trends to Know Now

In this article, we discuss trends in the natural food space. Correctly branding your...

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Jennifer Morla: Creating A New Design Vocabulary

Powerful, elegant, diligent, and smart. These are words that describe Jennifer Morla to a...

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Michael Ian Kaye: How Design and Advertising Inform Eachother

You may be wondering what the hell this title means. It’s obvious that design...

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Jennifer Kinon, Design Director Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign: What happens when the campaign is over?

Despite the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton had the most memorable...

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Cindy Gallop: Building the Brave New World of Sex Tech

When Cindy Gallop introduced her social sex start-up concept to a live audience in...