Strange Times?

CPG is Evolving.

We work in CPG. Disruption is a daily occurrence.

In some of the most crowded and contested categories, one thing is certain: love for your brand is either increasing or it’s decreasing. There is no in-between. Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 100 company, ‘the law of brand love’ holds. We’ve seen it at all levels.

Your visual and verbal communications are either raising up your mission, purpose, and profits, or they are the reason you’re sinking. If your brand is not clear, compelling, and creative, then it’s already been forgotten.

For over 20 years, Moxie Sozo has built breakout brands in the food and beverage space. You’ll find our clients in every aisle of the grocery store, and etched into the hearts and minds of countless millions of consumers on all seven continents. While every brand we create is different, they share one undeniable truth: They are immediately recognizable and impossible to ignore or forget.

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Brands thrive where the art of seduction meets the art of war. Want to keep winning?


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