In 2006, 10 Barrel Brewing Company started making beer in a small production brewery in Bend, Oregon. It was the product of three guys who shared a simple philosophy: Brew beer. Drink beer. Have fun doing it. Less than 10 years later, the brand attracted the attention of A-B InBev, who acquired them in 2014. Today, the brand offers more than a dozen world-class beers, operates seven top-tier pubs across the country, and has one of the most passionate followings in the beer industry.


From day one, personality has been a big part of the 10 Barrel brand. Established in one of America’s favorite outdoor towns, the brand had always been synonymous with raucous fun and wild adventure. Unfortunately, none of that personality had ever made it to their website. 10 Barrel Brewing Company asked Moxie Sozo to help bring that personality online with an electric new website that showcases who the brand is, not just what they have to offer.


You want personality? We’ll give you personality.

The new features a variety of features designed to transport visitors to Bend to feel 10 Barrel Brewing Company firsthand, including larger-than-life photography, high-energy video, and a culture page that oozes the brand’s ethos through simple, bold type and a dynamic scrolling experience.

In addition, the site features dedicated pub pages, which give visitors the chance to dive even deeper into any one of the brand’s seven hyper-local experiences across the country, exploring the space (as well as what’s on the menu and on the calendar).

For anybody who’s not lucky enough to find themselves in Bend, Boise, Denver, Portland, or San Diego, the site also features a custom beer finder, which makes it easy to find 10 Barrel Brewing Company’s crushable brews across the country.