That’s where Ancient Nutrition steps in. Industry leaders Jordan Rubin and Josh Axe founded Ancient Nutrition to fill in peoples’ nutrition gaps with dietary supplements and products that have fueled the evolution of humanity for millennia.


After founding, growing, and eventually exiting Garden of Life, Jordan Rubin became interested in creating a new brand that would overturn the whole food supplement space—one that focused its efforts on solving today’s health issues. He and Dr. Josh Axe came to Moxie Sozo in 2015 for help bringing it to life. We faced a crowded category and well-established market leaders. As a new brand, Ancient Nutrition had to convey trust, while standing out from the competition.


If you want to stand out, you have to do things differently. Moxie Sozo developed a bold, differentiated brand that allowed Ancient Nutrition to stand out on-shelf while owning a unique space in the minds of consumers. Where most category competitors took their cues from the natural foods space, utilizing earthy color palettes and lush illustrations, Moxie Sozo gave Ancient Nutrition a striking black package and clean, modern type.


Less than three years after launch, Ancient Nutrition had taken second in the category, was distributed nationwide, and reached tens of millions of consumers each month through robust content and digital strategies.

The rest of the category has taken notice. In fact, several competitors have begun to copy elements of Ancient Nutrition’s differentiated packaging. In response, Moxie Sozo has continued to work with Ancient Nutrition to stay ahead of the curve, refining packaging to continue to stand out on shelf and developing and launching new product lines to expand its dominance in a rapidly growing category.

  • Top 10 brand in all Natural Health in 2.5 Years
  • Over 30,000 doors of distribution
  • 100% YOY Growth on Amazon each of last 2 years