A beverage for earthly tastes and heavenly feelings.

Aura Bora is a brand of sparkling water made with real, plant-based and herbal ingredients to deliver unique flavor combinations you never dreamed of. Lucky for you, founders Paul and Maddie Voge did. The brand is available at more than 1,200 retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods Market and on Amazon.


Shout the classiest from a crowded fridge.

You’ve been to the grocery store, so you know: there’s no shortage of sparkling water brands. Aura Bora took a different approach in developing its products, though—using real, plant-based ingredients and herbs in place of artificial flavorings, and offering a broader, more inventive range of flavors beyond “plain” and “pamplemousse.” With so many other options on the shelf, Aura Bora needed a standout design to really stand out.


A whole new (brand) world.

From the way it feels in your hand to the design on the can, Aura Bora is an experience. The packaging creates an immersive world through rich storytelling and quirky, character-driven illustration. The softer color palette connotes a natural (and more interesting) clean ingredient panel. Even the matte label elevates the tactile experience alongside less premium direct-to-can competitors. Equally as important, the aesthetic laid the foundation for an endlessly extendable brand world, which the brand has translated seamlessly into social media.