Campari America is one of the world’s leading spirits producers with a portfolio of more than 20 of the world’s best known brands, including Skyy Vodka, Wild Turkey Bourbon, and Espolón Tequila.


Campari America wanted to expand their portfolio into the highly contested spiced rum category. Stalwart brands like The Kraken, Captain Morgan, and Sailor Jerry presented formidable competition for brands entering their space. A new category entrant would have to stand out on shelf, haunt the imagination, and lure consumers away from more familiar brands. After a global agency search, Campari America hired Moxie Sozo to create the brand that would displace the competition and carve out a lucrative market niche with its target party-going male audience.


Captivate consumers looking for escape and excitement with a brand that’s charming and mischievous.
Moxie Sozo discovered the legend of the Baron Samedi following a fact-finding trip to the Caribbean and extensive consumer research. According to myth, the Baron was a mysterious Haitian Vodou spirit who enticed people into an unknown land of pleasures, shadows, and vices.

In Baron Samedi, Moxie Sozo built a brand steeped in culture, intrigue, and mystery—backed by consumer and category insights. The custom-designed bottle featured hand-illustrated elements inspired by Hatian culture that together form a portrait of Baron Samedi. Looking closely, one can spy voodoo veves, Hispañiolan parakeets, caimans, solenodons, and a Macaya breast-spot frog. The Baron is a conversation piece, an irreverent brand with powerful shelf presence and an impactful story.


Baron Samedi shook up the rum category. In 2016 Baron Samedi launched in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Campari has created a world around the Baron, including elaborate parties and virtual reality experiences where consumers can interact with creatures featured on the packaging. According to Campari America, brand interaction, engagement, and sales are strong and continue to grow.