Birch Benders is a natural foods company focused on making your favorite foods better. After graduating from college, Lizzi and Matt moved to Colorado, where they continued their love affair—cooking delicious, specialty pancakes. Their passion project quickly turned into a business.


Take on the pancake establishment, well-known brands trusted by families for generations. We believe that it’s not about the amount of resources you have: It’s about how you use them. At the time, Birch Benders had a small marketing budget, and they needed to attract people looking for great taste, convenience, and healthier options, away from giant, well-established brands.


The micro-pancakery was born. The micro-pancakery positioning was our way for Birch Benders to stick it to the man. Moxie Sozo brought the positioning to life through a highly evocative brand filled with visual wit. The packaging tempted taste buds and created an ownable look, which consumers could spot from the far end of the aisle. The brand moved from packaging to a website that highlighted the functional benefits of the products in an emotionally rewarding way. We made healthy feel indulgent, and that’s exactly what consumers wanted.


After the relaunch, Birch Benders became the number one pancake brand in the natural channel, and the fastest growing pancake brand in all channels (natural, specialty, and grocery). Birch Benders also became the number one pancake brand at Whole Foods and Sprouts. The brand is available in over 15,000 retailers nationwide including Walmart, Target, Whole Foods and Safeway. Birch Benders has experienced over 100% growth year-over-year. In the natural channel, they hold the #1, #2, and #3 top-selling pancakes with their Paleo, Protein, and Classic SKUs. This brand is taking on the big-name pancake companies and winning. The New York Times, Forbes, The Today Show, Food Network, and many other media outlets have covered their rapid expansion in the pancake category.

What’s more, their success has allowed Birch Benders to expand into other categories, including syrup, baking mixes, brownie, cookie, cake cups and even the pancake’s sworn enemy: waffles.