Global spirits producer Proximo Spirits owns and imports some of the world’s most beloved brands, including Jose Cuervo Tequila, Bushmills Whiskey, Kraken Rum, and Boodles Gin.


When Proximo Spirits approached Moxie Sozo, the American mezcal category was still in its infancy. Most consumers weren’t familiar with mezcal at all. Many of those who were familiar weren’t sure what made it different from tequila. Regardless, the shelves were filling up with new craft mezcal brands, all telling the same “handmade,” “craft,” and “small batch” stories.

For Mezcal Creyente to launch successfully, it would need to stand out on-shelf against an increasingly crowded competitive set by weaving a differentiated narrative, both through the packaging and the brand story itself.


The brand identity for Creyente toes the line between modernity and tradition, leveraging new and heritage elements and inspirations that lend a look and feel that are both current and timeless.

The brand’s first SKU, Joven, is the blend of two liquids from the Tlacolula and Yautepec regions of Oaxaca, Mexico, each featuring its own unique characteristics. The packaging brings this product truth to life with an extraordinary mythical creature made up of animals native to the region, each representing an aspect of the liquid itself. The body of a leopard, the legs of an antelope, and the wings of a golden eagle represent the mezcal’s full body, fleeting fruit and herbal notes, and soaring smokiness, respectively.

The resulting look is clean, contemporary, and premium without feeling precious. It’s a brand and bottle that consumers are proud to take home—but not so proud that they’re apprehensive about drinking it.


As the mezcal category continues to grow, so does Mezcal Creyente.

Following the successful launch of Creyente Mezcal Joven, Proximo Spirits re-engaged Moxie Sozo for help extending the portfolio to additional SKUs—and additional creatures.