Daysmith was founded with a simple mission: to transform wellness with everyday goodness. Its better-for-you canned coffees offer a great tasting caffeine kick along with targeted functional benefits thanks to vitamins and other plant-based nutrients.


Connect with a different kind of consumer..

There’s no shortage of RTD canned coffees on the market. There’s no shortage of functional RTBs either. But Daysmith recognized an opportunity to connect with a different kind of consumer. To do it would require a brand and packaging that were as tasteful as they were accessible without skimping on efficacy.


Put function front and center.

Daysmith offers an appropriately uplifting take on benefit-specific iconography that shows how every little choice we make—including the coffee we drink—adds up to make a big impact. The graphic system offers literal building blocks for the creation of a whole brand world. Drawn from the logo itself, a collection of shapes is rearranged and reimagined to craft meaningful patterns, objects of delight, and a cast of happy characters. The bright color palette and straightforward typography marry nostalgic undertones from the past with an optimistic view of the day ahead. These visuals translate seamlessly from the packaging to the website, social media, advertising and marketing, and more.