Spice up your life.

Halo + Cleaver is a better-for-you sauce and condiment company founded in 2019 and based in St. Louis. Their mission? To encourage current and future generations to live happier, healthier, fuller lives. (Please excuse the food pun.)


The healthiest options at the grocery store often look the dullest, too. Halo + Cleaver was built for balance—with sauces that deliver on the big, bold, devilishly delicious flavor you’d expect from a St. Louis sauce, but with an angelic, better-for-you ingredients deck that’s all “midwest nice.”


Put the paradox on the package.

Halo + Cleaver knows that good health is about balance, and the packaging is an extension of that philosophy. Its authoritative, hand-inspired type and bold-but-simple coloring are offset by playful illustration and organic shapes. It’s a fun-filled and flavorful reminder that good health is about more than diet and exercise. When you make mealtime playtime, the rest is easy.