It’s a cultured dairy product similar to yogurt that was once enjoyed by the Vikings. Icelandic Provisions’ recipe is rooted in tradition, using certified heirloom Icelandic skyr cultures in partnership with the oldest farmer-owned dairy co-op in Iceland.


Icelandic Provisions needed to elevate their brand to get noticed in the ~$9B yogurt category. Brands like Icelandic Provisions come to Moxie Sozo because consumers don’t understand—or know they need—a particular product. In this case, it was skyr. Our job was to educate and entice consumers into making a purchase, connecting the dots between what Icelandic Provisions offers and its consumers’ needs to gain attention and loyalty in the highly-contested yogurt category.


Meet people where they are, and then take them where you want them to go. In other words, appeal to what people are familiar with to promote the purchase of an unfamiliar product.

For Icelandic Provisions, we combined taste appeal and approachability with clever educational narratives about skyr. Our design inspiration came from Scandinavian artists like Josef Frank, Stig Lindberg, and Maija Louekari. We extended the brand’s look and feel to a website, traditional advertising materials, and social media assets. Everything we created for the brand was playful, inviting, and aimed at garnering mass market appeal for a niche product.


Record-breaking sales and velocity. In one month, Icelandic Provisions’ turn rate jumped 40%. The company is enjoying an increased sales velocity, and so are retail buyers. Sales are so high that they are building out their production to keep up with demand. The brand has leveraged that success to expand its portfolio, introducing its whole milk Krímí Skyr line in 2019. Not only did people discover the enjoyment of skyr, but they are demonstrating tremendous loyalty to the brand that first introduced them to it.