Mythology Distillery was founded in 2017 in Denver, Colorado, inspired by the adventures, stories, and spirits three friends shared on a ski trip to Alaska. The distillery offers traditional whiskey, gin, and rum, as well as a rye vodka and more experimental limited release spirits at the Mythology Bar.


Launching a new distillery from scratch is no small task.

To stand out in a crowded (and rapidly growing) category, Moxie Sozo was tasked with developing a visually evocative, story-driven brand for the distillery, as well as packaging for its first four spirits: american whiskey, rye vodka, silver rum, and gin.


The brand began with a name, Mythology, which set the stage for rich, immersive storytelling and the creation of an expansive brand world.

Each of Mythology’s four core spirits brought that “mythology” to life with playful names and stories. Hell Bear American Whiskey, for example, tells the story of a weary prospector who’s led from death’s door by his spirit animal, the “Hell Bear”—known also by his common name, the wolverine. The three other SKUs feature similarly intriguing stories: Chatter Wolf Rye Vodka, Needle Pig Gin, and Feather Jester Silver Rum. The labels lend further color to these stories, depicting the hero or heroine alongside their spirit animal—”brought together by fate”—and tasting notes that tie the liquid and story together.


The brand and liquid were well received by the Denver community and the spirits industry both, winning Westword’s “Best Colorado Distillery 2019” and taking medals at spirits competitions around the world. In fact, in its first year following launch, Mythology became the largest independently distributed distillery in Colorado.

The brand quickly found its way into consumers’ hearts—and under their skin, too, with several diehard fans sharing pictures of their favorite spirit animals tattooed onto their bodies.

With the success of the Mythology’s core line, the brand has continued to launch experimental, limited edition, small batch releases, like a Hell Bear whiskey finished in syrah barrels.