Noodles & Company was a pioneer of the fast-casual restaurant movement, beginning in 1995 with the goal of serving fresh food, fast. Today, they bring together noodle dishes, salads, and soups from around the world under one roof—and in hundreds of restaurants around the globe.


Over the years, Noodles & Company has cultivated a fun personality and lively in-store experience—not to mention a mouthwatering menu. That infectious energy and delicious food, however, had never made its way to the brand’s website. Moxie Sozo was asked to help bring the in-store experience online, allowing customers to get a taste for what they could expect to find in any of Noodles & Company’s locations.


You want noodles? The new has noodles—and makes it a whole lot easier for you to get them, too.

New, food-forward photography delivers on taste appeal and makes the dishes look as good as they taste, and a redesigned menu makes it simple for visitors to find whatever item they’ve got an appetite for. Better still, the new site features an ordering system that makes it a breeze to personalize your favorite dish to your heart’s (and hunger’s) content and then order ahead at your nearest Noodles so you can skip the line and get straight to the good part: eating.

By making the online experience better, the site improves the guest experience in-store, too. Because people are able to order ahead and skip the wait, Noodles & Company’s 400-some locations have become places where people go to relax, recharge, and reconnect—not to stand in line.

Noodles & Company is always innovating and exploring new foods and flavors.The new site supports this constant evolution with flexible campaign landing pages, which make it easy for almost anybody at the company to launch new products and promotions.