Danone is a leading global food and beverage company dedicated to creating a healthier world with better food. The brand is focused on four key areas: dairy and plant-based products, waters, early life nutrition, and medical nutrition. Danone North America alone counts category leaders Dannon, Horizon Organics, Silk, and Vega, among its portfolio of brands—and many, many more.


As humans, we’re as busy as we’ve ever been, and achievement-oriented consumers are increasingly hungry for convenient, filling foods that can help them fuel them as they chase their goals. Oikos ProFuel delivers with 25 grams of protein and 100 mg of caffeine in every bottle. Better yet, it’s drinkable, so it’s great for grab-and-go energy. Danone asked Moxie Sozo to help manifest those truths on-pack.


The new packaging shows Oikos ProFuel as what it is: a simple energy drink packed with the benefits consumers want—and none of the extra ingredients they don’t.

The bold type and simple-but-striking packaging help to convey a no-frills, power-packed product that’s well aligned with the healthier, goal-oriented lifestyles. Furthermore, the packaging highlights ProFuel’s two key dietary benefits—protein and caffeine—to let consumers know that the product offers muscle support, as well as immediate and long-lasting energy for attention and focus.

Additionally, the reinvigorated identity reorganizes the brand hierarchy, prioritizing ProFuel over Oikos to further set the ProFuel line apart from other lines under the Oikos name, such as the brand’s more indulgent Greek yogurts.
Finally, on a shelf dominated by lighter colors, ProFuel is dressed all in black—a design language reminiscent of protein powders and other supplements—which lets consumers know at a glance that ProFuel has something different to offer.