Skratch Labs is a leading sports nutrition company based in Boulder, CO that offers high-performance supplements made from real food ingredients. The brand’s mission is to help athletes perform at their best without compromising on taste or gut health.


However, in recent years, Skratch Labs had begun to plateau in the highly competitive sports nutrition category. The brand’s “made from scratch” ingredients were missing the mark on taste appeal, leading to a decline in its core consumer base.

To address this challenge, we set out to understand exactly what its consumers wanted in the sports nutrition category and from Skratch Labs specifically. Through extensive market research and consumer insights, the brand identified a key target consumer, “Daniel,” who was driven by organization, consistency, and performance. The brand knew that to win back its core consumer base, it needed to create a product and visual package that would excite and appeal to this target consumer.


Skratch Labs underwent a major rebranding effort to evolve its visual language and better convey the high-quality ingredients, great taste, and premium performance that its products offer. The rebrand was rooted in an organized and functional reality that resonated with the consumer. The new graphic language was designed to help the company improve taste appeal, increased retail visibility, and grow brand loyalty.


The rebrand was launched in May 2022, and the results were immediate. Skratch Labs saw a significant increase in sales and launched an additional two lines of product with this new visual system. The brand’s continued success has also allowed it to expand its physical presence, with plans to open the brand’s first brick and mortar café in early 2023.

Overall, the rebranding effort was a success for Skratch Labs, as it helped the company to better connect with its target consumer, drive sales, and expand its physical presence. With its renewed focus on high-performance supplements made from real food ingredients, Skratch Labs is well-positioned to continue to grow and succeed in the competitive sports nutrition market.